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Taha de Pitres

Roughly within the 1200 metre altitude barrier.

This easy walk takes in 4 important historical villages that fall within the civil authority known as the Taha de Pitres.

La Taha, an Arabic term applied to the geographical area of administrative organisation now long since replaced in all areas of Spain with the exception of the Pitres region. There the Christians continued to use the term and the structure for practical reasons.

Pitres marks the start of the walk along the Caminos Reales. An area not more than 2 kms. long, it can be completed within 5 to 6 hours.

There are significant examples of Moorish architecture and cultural flavour along the route, which includes the villages of Mecina, Ferreirola, Atalbeitar, Busquistar and finally Portugos, where the stream known as the Fuente Agria or bitter fountain is located at the Virgen de las Angustian hermitage.